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Security Screens in Ripon, CA

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The Diamond Certified Difference
Shutter City HAS QUALIFIED for and continues to meet the Ongoing Research and Rating Requirements for Diamond Certified® status.

Security Screens in Ripon, California

Want to keep your home secure without unsightly metal bars or grilles? Use a security screen. This helpful screen can ward off burglars and protects your home from pesky insects. If you’re searching for quality security screens, contact Shutter City.

Serving Ripon, California and the surrounding areas, Shutter City uses the best brands in the business to provide security screens for doors and windows. Featuring Guarda/Meshtec technology, our security screens provide the highest level of protection without obstructing your view or the airflow. Aesthetically, security screens appear just like every day screens. 

However, these screens are much different structurally. All screens are tested for resistance to heavy impacts. Nothing can get past these powerful screens. At the factory, we’ve tested these screens for kicks, baseball bats, over 100-pound ball impacts, shoulder checks and even knife impacts. They stand up to these tests and more, giving you the peace of mind you need to know that nothing’s going to get through your security screen.

Security screens are a great alternative to more invasive security measures such as steel bars or grilles. Security screens allow you to freely allow light and air into your home without diminishing your home’s beauty. What’s more is you’ll also gain relief from flies, mosquitos and other insects that might otherwise enter your home. 

In addition to providing you with the highest quality security screens, we also value our customers. We show this by providing the best customer service possible. Our friendly staff are responsible, reliable and helpful. We always show up to installation appointments on time and finish our work on schedule. 

Don’t wait to make your home or business more secure any longer. Contact Shutter City to discuss your security screen needs. We look forward to serving you.
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